Monday, April 26, 2010


Prior to the SBI Seal of Sustainability awards ceremony, Ceo/Founder Jessica Fullmer and Board of Director's Member, Mitch Miller stand proudly outside the capital!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Advocate Online Covers Kleinpeter Seal

On April 20th, The Advocate Online, a Baton Rouge LA periodical, published an article about Kleinpeter Farms Dairy and their new Seal of Sustainability! See link below.

Monday, April 19, 2010

SBI 3rd Annual Washington DC Seal of Sustainability Awards Ceremony 2010


The Sustainable Business Institute will host a Congressional briefing and Seal of Sustainability presentation in the U.S. Capitol on April 20th, 2010. This will be a tremendous opportunity to promote sustainable business practices to our national leaders. In conjunction with our Congressional program, there will be a special dinner hosted by SBI honoring recipients of the Seal of Sustainability as well as a pre-briefing meeting with the SBI leadership.

SBI’s “Seal of Sustainability”™ is becoming the “gold standard” for companies and organizations dedicated to sustainability. The Seal has been launched in the U.S. and applications have been received from Europe and China. The Seal of Sustainability gives the public a way to be more discerning about what company to purchase from and gives a way for them to know they are contributing to help restore the natural systems supporting all of life on this planet.

This evening, at the Seal of Sustainability dinner, CEO and founder Jessica Fullmer was asked how and why she started SBI and implemented the Seal of Sustainability. She replied with enthusiasm, "After chairing a conference in sustainability in March 1993 where I found out that the rate of degradation was far greater than the rate of restoration on the planet, I began to realize that the quality of life for our future generations would be far different from what I had been able to enjoy. It became clear to me that business uses most of the natural resources on the planet. My contribution would be to use my spare time outside of my software company to encourage thousands of companies to embark on the sustainable business journey. I realize that time is of great importance since the natural systems have been tampered with and business has been the main contributor to using these resources.

SBI's contribution is to as quickly as possible get thousands of companies to rethink the choices they are making at what rate and how. Our seal covers all three pillars: Environmental, Economic and Social; it's for management practices, not products (one product doesn't make a company sustainable). This is the one seal that reaches out to the public while requiring companies to verify their sustainable journeys. The seal has the ability to create an explosion of millions of people voting with their dollars. We honestly believe that this will be the quickest way to change the rate of depletion of all the natural systems!"

Please stay tuned for more updates about the D.C. event on this blog and Twitter! Also, be sure to look for links to videos of the event on youtube!